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Give the Gift of Confidence this Christmas


As the holiday season approaches, the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift begins!

While material things may provide instant gratification, their appeal often fades quickly, leaving you searching for the next short-lived thrill.


This Christmas, consider a gift that keeps on giving - martial arts lessons! 


Why should you give the gift of martial arts to your loved ones? or even yourself?.....

How about...​​

1. Better Physical Fitness and Health

2. Improved Self-Discipline and Focus

3. Develop Confidence and Self-Esteem

4. Learn Respect and Courtesy

5. Conflict Resolution and Self-Control

All these can help you and your loved ones thrive in life, which is great going in a new year!

This Christmas offer is not to be missed out on!

You will get:

✅Martial Arts Uniform

✅Boxing Gloves

✅Access to 2 classes per week for the whole of January 2024

✅AEGIS Martial Arts Life Skills Workbook

Usually this would be £160 but you can get it all for just £85!!

Don't you want to give a gift that offers not only immediate enjoyment but also long-term benefits that can shape your lives positively?

This offer is only available to the first 10 people, after that it's gone for good!

Your Membership Offer Includes...

Make Christmas Great, Claim Your Offer Below!

Congratulations on joining us! We will be in touch soon to arrange your first lesson.

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